Veronika Rajek gets unzipped to show off assets in plunging bodysuit

Influencer Veronika Rajek has set Instagram ablaze with her latest post, featuring her in a stunning green bodysuit with a front zipper that reveals her ample cleavage and a pink bra underneath.

The post features five different photos that showcase the bodysuit in various poses and settings.

In the first photo, Veronika can be seen looking off to the side while facing the camera, exuding a sense of mystery and intrigue.

In the second photo, she takes a more seductive approach, posing on top of a Marshall amplifier in a way that is sure to leave her followers swooning.

In the third photo, Veronika flashes a winning smile while appearing to zip up her top, showing off her playful side.

The fourth photo shows her relaxing on a brown velvet sofa with a stack of magazines, including Vogue, on a table in front of her.

The final photo once again captures her looking off to the side, with the same playful zip-up motion.

The post had more than 160,000 likes at the time of writing.

One of the most striking elements of the post is the jewelry that Veronika is wearing. She has a silver Star of David necklace that adds an extra touch of elegance to her look. Additionally, she is also sporting both an engagement and wedding ring on her left ring finger, suggesting that she is happily married.

In her caption, Veronika announced that she would be gifting her green shirt to the winner of the Tour De France’s green jersey, saying, “Whoever wins the green shirt at TourDeFrance, I personally congratulate and give mine as a trophy gift. 😁”

It’s clear that Veronika is excited to spread the love and celebrate the triumphs of others.

The post is a true fashion statement that showcases Veronika’s style and personality. Her playful poses, stunning jewelry, and bold fashion choices are sure to inspire her followers and leave them clamoring for more.





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