Morgan Ketzner offers rear view in thong bikini

Model Morgan Ketzner posted a stunning photo on Instagram that has us all itching to book a flight to Hawaii.

The snap shows the travel blogger and influencer walking away from the camera in a multicolored thong bikini, with a straw hat perched atop her head. In the background, the lush green grass and swaying palm trees of Oahu, Hawaii, make us feel like we’re right there beside her.

The photo is captioned with a simple invitation: “Are you coming?”. And honestly, after seeing this photo, we’re all packing our bags and heading to the airport. Ketzner knows how to capture the perfect beach vibes, and we’re totally here for it.

The bikini’s multicolored pattern is a feast for the eyes, with hues of pink, blue, and green blending together in a way that screams “summer”. And the thong style? Well, let’s just say Ketzner is rocking it like a pro. She’s got the confidence to pull off a daring look like this, and we’re all taking notes.

But it’s not just Ketzner’s fashion sense that has us swooning. The backdrop of Oahu, Hawaii, is absolutely stunning. The clear blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and vibrant green foliage all come together to create a picture-perfect scene. It’s no wonder Ketzner chose this spot for her photo shoot.

Of course, no travel influencer post would be complete without a few hashtags. Ketzner has included several of the usual suspects: #passionpassport, #travelgram, #travelblogger, and #travelblog. But she’s also thrown in a few more specific to this post, such as #bikini, #hawaii, and #beachlife. We love that she’s giving her followers a glimpse into her lifestyle, and inspiring us to live our best beach lives too.

Overall, we’re loving this Instagram post from Morgan Ketzner. It’s the perfect mix of fashion and travel, with a healthy dose of wanderlust thrown in for good measure. If you’re not already following her, we highly recommend it. Who knows where she’ll take us next?





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