Dua Lipa tugs at skimpy bikini for summer celebration

Pop sensation Dua Lipa is giving us all butterflies with her latest Instagram post — as she poses in a bikini adorned with the beautiful insects.

The post features two snaps of Lipa donning a stunning black bikini from her #VersaceLaVacanza collection.

The bikini features a playful combination of colourful butterflies, ladybirds, and white polka dots, making it the perfect summer outfit.

In the first photo, Lipa can be seen pulling at the string of her bikini top while leaning against a tiled wall, just outside a shower.

She gazes off to one side, giving off a relaxed and carefree vibe. In the second photo, the camera zooms out to show off the full ensemble, including her bikini bottoms, tattoos, and belly button piercing.

The post amassed over 1 million likes and counting in just two hours, with fans and fashion enthusiasts alike praising Lipa’s impeccable style.

Lipa captions the post, “My summer outfit until further notice 🦋🦋 the cutest @versace polka dots bikini from my #VersaceLaVacanza collection with @donatella_versace.”


Lipa’s choice of swimwear is a testament to her love for fashion. She has always been vocal about her admiration for Versace’s iconic designs and has collaborated with the brand in the past.

Her latest bikini is a stunning amalgamation of playful patterns and bold colours, making it the perfect summer accessory for anyone looking to make a statement.

The butterfly and ladybird motifs on Lipa’s bikini are a nod to nature, which has been a recurring theme in fashion lately. From floral prints to animal-inspired designs, nature has been a significant influence in the sartorial world. Lipa’s bikini is a perfect example of this trend, and we can expect to see more of it this summer.

Lipa’s tattoos add a personal touch to her overall look. The three tattoos on her left arm are visible in the photos, showcasing her love for body art. Her belly button piercing also adds an edgy flair to her ensemble, proving that Lipa is not afraid to experiment with her style.

Her bikini from the #VersaceLaVacanza collection is a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement this summer.

With playful patterns, bold colours, and a nod to nature, Lipa’s bikini is the epitome of summer fashion.






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